I want to get wet

DRENCH - a new show by IA Productions

DRENCH is an innovative and unique concept in aerial acrobatic entertainment, something as yet unseen!
So set your event off with a Splash by booking this years’ coolest new show.
DRENCH is a new concept in outdoor summer party entertainment.

The Show

DRENCH features a beautifully lit and dressed 10m high rig with a dazzling mix of water technology and some of the worlds’ best, and most attractive, aerial performers. This will be the talked about centre piece of your event

Atmospheric water curtains and stunning lighting create a spectacular backdrop for incredible aerial performances. With the addition of water, the physical artistry of the performers is magically transformed into a sensual and artistic phenomenon.

Suitable for any outdoor event, the 30 minute evening show, DRENCH is guaranteed to wow any audience.


The rigging for the show can work in a variety of formats, ranging from a simple outdoor aerial portique, to a rig that rises majestically out of a swimming pool where the performers seem to dance on water.

The show comes complete with all rigging and aquatic equipment that is required. It will also come with sound and lighting if required.